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Cami Co Lace

1920 Lace-Up (CamiCo Collab)

1920 Lace-Up (CamiCo Collab)

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The signature lace-up features an adjustable off-the-shoulder V-neck with a hand-sewn satin cord, offers a customizable, flattering fit. It's a fashion statement symbolizing every woman's adaptability and resilience. Each sweatshirt is hand-bleached, making it unique and a canvas of traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion. Crafted from 50% USA cotton and 50% polyester, it promises a soft, luxurious feel with durability. It's gentle on the skin, offering both style and substance. Versatile and fashion-forward, it's suitable for various occasions, from nights out to casual wear. Easy care instructions ensure longevity: hand wash cold, inside-out, tumble dry low or hang to dry.


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